An Easy-to-Use Full-Service Human Resources Information System

HeartBeat is a human resources information system (HRIS) for employees, managers, and HR professionals to manage a wide range of personal data, company-level reports, and workflow tracking.

It’s an HR information system that integrates ease-of-use and configurability to help organisations:

  • Automate HR functions, saving time and money
  • Leverage previous investments by readily integrating with existing software like payroll
  • Engage employees in personal HR management and company initiatives
  • Streamline reporting to vendors and easily create reports in multiple document formats
  • Organise employee and management structures
  • Ensure company-wide consistency

HeartBeat unites the varied functions of human resources to provide peace of mind, efficiency, an empowered workforce, and a single point of reference for a wide breadth of information.

Functions and features include:

HRMS Functions

The HeartBeat Core HR information system places core HR functions within one platform and helps streamline the HR process.

Self-Service HRMS Platform
HeartBeat’s human resources information system provides a centralised, self-service platform that employees can use to manage their own HR information and HR managers can use to automate time-consuming processes.

HR Transaction Management
HeartBeat users can configure and manage transaction requests, workflow rules, approvals, fulfillments, and communications.

HR Benefits Management
HeartBeat’s benefits management features enable to manage employee benefit plans and services, including health, dental, vision, life, disability, among other services. The HeartBeat human resources information system also provides integration with over 100 benefits carriers

HR Reporting
HeartBeat is an HRIS with robust reporting capabilities supported by the uniform HeartBeat platform and a vast selection of filtering options. Reports can run the gamut from high-level organisational views to detailed personnel data.  Reports can also be easily exported into today’s most popular formats including PDF and XLS.

HR Payroll Integration
HeartBeat leverages your existing payroll system by integrating with it through a unique data mapping process. HR professionals and employees can deal with payroll issues through HeartBeat.

Data Security
HeartBeat data storage methods and role-based secure HR software security keep your data safe so your employees feel comfortable, and you can concentrate on your job.