Performance Management System to Measure, Align, and Develop Your Talent

SilkRoad’s WingSpan performance review solution helps you understand, grow your organisation’s workforce.

"Your employees are your most valuable assets." You believe in that mantra, but aligning your corporate
strategy with the day-to-day activities of your workers can be a serious business challenge. The WingSpan employee performance management system can simplify the process.

With an intuitive, automated yet customisable platform, SilkRoad’s performance review solution allows you to take the long view and turn appraisals into training or recruitment.

SilkRoad's performance management system helps your company set goals, evaluate employee skills, provide feedback and opportunities for development, and tie performance to compensation. Highly flexible, the software is configurable to your needs as they evolve.

ProductivityIncrease productivity—SilkRoad’s WingSpan employee performance management system automates employee performance appraisal cycles with custom workflows and dashboards that let HR managers monitor when and how tasks are completed.

PerformanceCreate a performance culture—employees are more engaged and productive when they see how their performance affects the company’s bottom line. In turn, improved performance affects how goals are set. Everyone wins.

Motivate employees—when employees and managers see how goal achievements directly impactt he success of the company, they feel a greater sense of ownership in the company.

CollaborateCollaborate and socialise employee development throughout the company—it’s easy for employees and managers to define a development plan together, and to see what additional training might be necessary to reach those goals.

IdentifyIdentify who your next leaders will be and prepare for executive succession planning—see who is ready for specific positions, or what you need to provide those employees with to get them ready for the next level.